What I’m Liking Right Now

1) Sweet bell pepper and egg sandwiches, a traditional Italian-American Easter food that I discovered at Torrisi Italian Specialties in New York, and created my own non-Easter version of at home [The Hungry Novelist]

2) The Writers Reading Recipes podcasts on Julie Wilson’s BookMadam blog, including one of me reading a recipe for Butterscotch Brownies from The Joy of Cooking, which can be found here. Figuring out how to record myself without using an iphone or mic was a real technical adventure, alright. [BookMadam]

3) That I’m soon to begin prep work for the Humber summer workshop in creative writing, a highlight of my summer which takes place from July 9-15, 2011. [Humber School for Writers]

3) A Tony Awards afterglow: I loved the telecast, loved seeing How To Succeed, Catch Me If You Can and Sister Act – shows I’d enjoyed seeing on Broadway – bringing it to their musical numbers, and I now can’t get out of my head the beautiful chorus in the song Commencing in Chattanooga from The Scottsboro Boys, a show I hadn’t loved when I saw it last fall. Check it (earworm alert):

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