And Everything Nice

AndEverythingNiceCoverAnd Everything Nice is a novelette (short novel) from Orca Book Publishers’ Rapid Reads series of easy-read fiction for adults. It is narrated by twenty-four-year-old Steph, a mall store manager, who still lives with her mother in the townhouse where she grew up. Her life isn’t in a rut, exactly, but at her mother’s suggestion, she joins a community rock choir to change things up. Soon, she’s singing rock songs in four-part harmony, and has met new people from all walks of life, including Anna Rai, a local TV personality.

Anna confides in Steph that she’s worried when a notebook that she uses as her personal journal goes missing at choir practice. What if it falls into the wrong hands, and her secrets are made public? When a blackmailer gets in touch, demanding cash in exchange for the notebook, Anna asks street-smart Steph for help. Together, the two women lay a trap for the crook. And in solving the mystery of the missing notebook, Steph learns some life lessons about truth, lies and honesty.